MIT Nano Observatory

Welcome to the MIT Nano Observatory!

6:00pm - 9:00pm, April 24th, 2020

MIT Building 24, Room 041, 77 Mass. Ave.

(enter via 50 Vassar St. for easier access, not via 77 Mass. Ave.)

Free registeration through


Join us in exploring the Nanoworld!

Here, tiny things reveal their super-powers. Inside this world, things are strong, vibrant and electrified. You and a group of excited scientists will use real tools and experiments to discover the super-power of nano. We look forward to welcoming you in our labs!

Want to know more?

The event will take visitors through a tour of how we make very small things using a process called lithography. We start with the idea of traditional lithography using light, and end with advanced techniques that use electrons. In addition, new techniques that take advantage of self-assembling processes and materials such as block copolymer will be demonstrated. Besides fabrication, visitors will be able to see real nanostructures using a variety of microscopy tools using electrons, ions, and fine-tip probes, and learn how they work. Exciting demonstrations will help learn these ideas. Additionally, we will present our research projects and their applications. The event is highly interactive and hands-on, tailored to engage everyone in discovering the exciting world of nano.